High School

During the High School years,
students strengthen their personality and
forge their Lifelong project with concrete actions


Marymount students can aspire to study at any university worldwide, since they have a humanistic, social and academic preparation to compete on a global stage.

The students develop their vocational project throughout all their years in High School by defining clear goals for their professional future. In the final year, students choose their academic path based upon their specific interests. Each path contains common core subjects as well as area specific subjects differentiated by the path that they choose.


If the student decides to study at a Mexican university, the grade-level counselor
accompanies the student in the process of choosing a career and advises
them on the various direct passes to some of the universities with which
Marymount has established agreements and scholarships.

We are the only school in the state of Morelos that offers a
comprehensive SAT preparation course and is the only testing site in the state.
For this reason, we have an International Counseling department, which facilitates
the application and admissions process to international universities
and oversees standardized exams (SAT, TOEFL, DELF).


A Marymount High School graduate is critical,
committed to the environment in which he or she
operates, responsible, healthy, proactive, and cognizant of
being a global citizen.